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Five Generations of a Family Business

Stenerson Bros. Lumber Co. began in 1889 at the hands of three young Norwegian brothers.Emigrating from Norway in 1885, Sven, Gunder, and Knute Stenerson purchased forty acres of wooded land near Pelican Rapids, MN. While cutting wood for heating and cooking, they discovered that many of the trees were large enough for processing into lumber. The men sawed these trees into dimension lumber and sold them in Pelican Rapids.

Seeing the Stenersons as strong competition, the owner of the existing lumberyard in Pelican Rapids soon sold his business to the three brothers, forming the partnership - Stenerson Lumber. As the brothers grew more successful, they expanded their trade into other area towns, becoming incorporated in 1908. The rest is history; over a century’s worth of good times and bad…droughts and floods…recessions, depressions, and booms…profitable years and lean years…all supplying lumber and building materials in West-Central Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota.

Over the last 125-plus years, the Stenerson family has operated yards in Minnesota: Pelican Rapids, Erskine, Mentor, Felton, Borup, Halstad, Hendrum, Erhard, Averill, Gonvick, Fertile, Morris, and South Moorhead. In North Dakota, the family held yards in Kermit, Columbus, and Wahpeton. In the early years, Stenerson Lumber followed the railroads into the region, setting up shop in small towns. Eventually, as motorized vehicles increased hauling distances, the smaller yards closed, giving way to the larger stores operating today. At present, Stenerson Lumber operates yards in Moorhead, Fergus Falls, Detroit Lakes, and Crosby, all in Minnesota.

From the first generation until today’s fifth generation, we celebrate the same commitment to quality that has been important at Stenerson Lumber since Day One. The Stenerson family has
been active in the communities it serves and encourages their employees to do so as well. The Company and its associates have invested time and money in many long-term businesses in the
area and serve on various boards and committees.

Discovering quite innovative ways of doing business, Stenerson Bros. Lumber Co. has survived in the market for many years. Discovering unique niches and setting up subsidiary companies,
Stenerson Lumber has clearly stood the test of time. Successful remodeling divisions were started to fill a need in the area for small remodeling projects. And, surprisingly, at one time Stenerson Lumber sold mobile homes, farm machinery, snowmobiles, movable farm buildings such as corn-cribs and granaries, used lumber (in the days of building material restriction during WWII), and even owned and operated apartment buildings.

Today, Stenerson Bros. Lumber Co. offers three full-line lumberyards and contractor financing. Assisting both the professional contractor and the do-it-yourselfer, they have specialists that can design a home for the builder or help a novice with any small project. They provide over a century of growth, stability, service, and experience you can count on. Truly, Business On the Level since 1889.
Pelican Rapids
Pelican Rapids, MN 1900's
Pelican Rapids
Pelican Rapids, MN Early 1900's
Columbus, ND 1906
Hendrum, MN 1910
Borup 1915
Felton, MN 1925 - I.S. Stenerson
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